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Multi-Engine License 

Pilots who desire to fly farther, faster in a plane with a higher payload 

may want to experience the excitement of flying a multi-engine 

aircraft. This program will teach the pilot how to handle a multitude

of situations, increase the pilots skill while expanding horizons. There

is nothing better to a pilot then starting up both engines and feeling 

the rush of piloting a larger aircraft with double the power. 

Requirements: In order to be eligible to train for your MEL you must be at least 18 years old, hold an FAA third class medical, a PPL or CPL license and have completed the necessary training required for sign-off to take the checkride.

*All courses and results are estimates and can vary with each student. ​

Landing fee's not included - EX. KFRG Landing Fee's are $2.50 Per Landing.
Any unused time will be credited to Student (for one year).
Package price may vary based upon aircraft selection.


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