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FAA Knowledge Tests Registration 

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account (Make sure you have your FTN# on hand) If you don’t have a FTN# you will need to create one via to create one.

  3. Validate your email by clicking on the email they send you once you create an account with PSI, they will require you to login back into your account.

  4. Enter in your personal information

  5. Click on the Home Button to select your test and time (Book Between 10:00AM & 5:00PM).

  6. Follow the instructions for payment directly to PSI. Fee is $175.00

**Important Notice: If you schedule your test but changed your mind and desire to take your test on an earlier day. You will have to call in to inform the office at (631) 391-9110


VERY IMPORTANT: If you cannot make it on the actual scheduled appointment time, you will need to go back into the system to reschedule or contact PSI at 1 (844) 704-1487. Otherwise you will be marked as "no show" and you will have to pay for the exam again.  

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