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Professional Pilot Program

If you've spent your life gazing up at planes day dreaming about the exotic destinations and imagining yourself at the controls then you may be destined to be an airline pilot. For those of you who reach skyward we have designed this sample package to include all of the training you'll need to become a professional pilot. At course completion, the pilot will hold an FAA Commercial pilot certificate, single and multi engine land with instrument rating. 

Minimum Course Duration: 25 – 30 weeks (ask about fast track programs)

Requirements: Although flight training can begin at any age you will have to be at least 16 years old to solo a plane. In order
to take the PPL & IFR final exams (Check-ride) you must be at least 17 years old, 
hold at least an FAA third class medical, student pilot certificate & read/speak/write english, passed the FAA written exam with at least a score of 70 and have completed the minimum training requirements. The Requirements are similar for the CPL program but you must be at least
18, hold at least a PPL license and if you choose the Part 61 training program have at least 250 hrs to be eligible to take
the final exam. Part 141 program students have lower requirements, please see main page for more information



























**This complete package exceeds the FAA minimum requirements. Prices are subject to change without notice. Although it is designed for the pilot with zero flying experience, credit may be available for those with previous flying experience. Also credit may be given under FAR part 61. This is evaluated on a case by case basis. Previous flying experience can significantly reduce course costs and time needed for completion. This package is customizable and can be tailored for each individuals needs. Example: Multi-Engine rating may be substituted for Initial Certified Flight Instructor training. Please contact us for details or to set up an appointment to discuss further. More flight hours can be purchased if necessary to complete training should student require more training and time will be offered at the reduced block rate. 

inquire for details!

inquire for details!

Financing Available!

*All courses and results are estimates and can vary with each student. ​Landing fee's not included - KFRG Landing Fee's are $2.50 Per Landing.
Any unused time will be credited to Student (for one year). Package price may vary based upon aircraft selection.


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