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Dear Future Pilot,
Thank you for visiting We created this website to share our passion and excitement of things aviation related. Understanding the process can be confusing so we've developed our site to help lead you through the necessary steps of obtaining your pilot license. 

Whether you are looking to earn your wings, fly the big jets, take a discovery flight or even just to get current with your license again, we'll make sure you receive the training you require to make your dream of flight a reality. On behalf of our entire team, we welcome you to our family and look forward to sharing the experience of flight with you.  

Global Aviation Center is authorized to enroll international students and issue the I-20 for the M-1 VISA .

Storm Clouds

The advantages of doing your flight training with Global Aviation Center through 
EITHER Part 61 or Part 141, we provide:


  • A detailed course syllabus providing key benchmarks for both students and instructors

  • A highly efficient path to attaining flight proficiency in a shorter time span

  • Comprehensive & attentive ground training in preparation for FAA written,
    oral, & practical exams

  • Online Ground courses will give you the endorsement for the FAA written exams

  • Flexibility of scheduling your own flight lessons

Part 61 Training Requirements              Part 141 Training Requirements




Total Flight Time Required:

• 40 hours logged flight hours

• no specific ground minimum

• 50 hours x-country REQUIRED 

• 40 hours logged instrument flight

• no specific ground minimum

• 250 hours logged flight

• no specific ground minimum

• 250 flight hours

• 35 hours flight,

• 35 hours ground (online)

• 35 hours flight,

• 30 hours ground (online)

• 120 hours flight

• 35 hours ground (online)


• 190 flight hours

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