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Certified Flight Instructor Initial and Add-On's

Many pilots who desire to fly for the airlines who have already earned their PPL, IFR & CPL license will need to obtain more flight hours to become eligible for hire with a major airline (Most U.S. carriers require applicants to have at least 1500 hrs of flight time). In order to earn those hours we suggest becoming a certified flight instructor and if we train you, we will hire you. Take a look at some of our amazing packages or if you desire you may simply pay as you go for your flight/ground training. Call us today to discuss your next step closer to earning your seat flying the big jets. 

Requirements: In order to be eligible to train for your CFI license you'll need a couple things first. You must be at least 18 years old, hold at least an FAA third class medical, passed the FAA written exam with at least a score of 70 and have completed the minimum training requirements including holding at least a valid IFR & CPL pilot certificate.

*All courses and results are estimates and can vary with each student. ​Landing fee's not included - EX. KFRG Landing Fee's are $2.50 Per Landing.
Any unused time will be credited to Student (for one year). Package price may vary based upon aircraft selection.







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