FAA Approved Flight Simulator


Great for IFR training, for practice using the Garmin 430, start-up/shut down procedures and more. This simulator is approved for 2.5 hours towards PPL, 10 hours toward your Instrument rating and instrument currently. Current pilots can book the some for practice or you can gain dual instruction by working with one of our qualified instructors. 


This eco­nom­i­cal PCATD sys­tem is great for instru­ment students, instruc­tors and pilots that would like to inte­grate FAA cer­ti­fied
PCATD tech­nol­ogy into their flight train­ing. The PI-135 fea­tures
the sturdy ELITE Pro Panel SE Flight Con­sole equipped with a six lever MEL quad­rant stan­dard (which can be used with either sin­gle
or multi-engine air­craft), gear and flap actu­a­tors, and rud­der trim.
Inaddi­tion this sim comes with the ELITE Avion­ics Panel complete with rud­der pedals.

FAA Approved G1000 ATD Flight Simulator


Great for building those hours toward your Commercial Pilot License or to help with your transition from steam gauges to the popular G1000 system. This advanced training device will not only get you confident in the glass cockpit environment but it will save you money. Work with our flight instructors to learn how to properly utilize all of the available data and increase your skill as a pilot. 

Build­ing on the suc­cess of ELITE’s “round-gauge” PI-135 Basic ATD, the PI-1000 pro­vides incred­i­ble train­ing fidelity for Garmin G1000 users. This FAA-approved AATD uses LCD screens and real­is­tic bezels to pro­vide the best sim­u­lated G1000 pan­els avail­able on the mar­ket! A key fea­ture is the abil­ity to per­form WAAS approaches, and it sim­u­lates the Garmin GFC 700 autopi­lot. The PI-1000 also includes the required back-up instru­men­ta­tion for real­is­tic train­ing. The PI-1000 pro­vides 8–9 times more func­tion­al­ity than Mindstar-based G-1000 sim­u­la­tors. Using the Lock­heed Mar­tin® Prepar3D™ visual, you’ll be fly­ing the PI-1000 in one of the most beau­ti­ful scenery soft­ware avail­able. This is a com­mer­cially licensed visual—so you know you won’t be vio­lat­ing any laws while train­ing. Like the G1000, this sys­tem pro­vides train­ing for sim­ple and com­plex air­craft, and single-engine and twin engine air­craft! The sim­u­lated G1000 soft­ware changes ref­er­ence speeds, engine/propeller instru­men­ta­tion, and fuel man­age­ment depend­ing on the air­craft selected.

• 2.5 Hrs Toward your Private Pilot License

• 20 Hrs Toward your Instrument Rating

• 50 Hrs Toward your Commercial License

• Instrument Proficiency Check

• Instrument Currency

• Part 141 Training Approved!

• 2.5 Hrs Toward your Private Pilot License

• 10 Hrs Toward your Instrument Rating

• Instrument Proficiency Check

• Instrument Currency

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