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Have you wondered what it's like to fly a plane, here is your chance. We offer a multitude of different options to give you an amazing experience at the controls. More info.

If you're thinking of flying for fun, going
for your private pilot license, becoming a commercial pilot or a certified flight 
instructor, then Global Aviation has a program for you. More info.

The Elite PI-135 is the most affordable basic ATD fully procedural system that be used for complete start-up, flight and shut down procedures. Learn more

Aircraft Management

Thinking of buying a plane or already own a plane? Check out our Leaseback Program. 
Let us show you how to reduce the cost and stress of ownership by partnering your aircraft with our fleet.

University Programs

Global Aviation is a proud partner with
Utah Valley University. Now you can earn your

bachelor's degree from your home, then complete your flight training here with us.

contact us for more details.

Aircraft Rental

Once you've got your pilot license it's time to fly. We offer our fleet for rental at prices that won't break your budget. Call for pricing and details today or click here. 

Other Services

  • Aviation Consultation & Sales

  • Ferrying & Management

  • Ground School Classes 

  • In-house Flight Examiner

  • CATs Testing Center

  • Pilot Supplies & Gear

  • Career Advisement

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