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Plane Rental Rates
Available for Global Aviation Center Students Only (For Time Building and to Meet Requirements)

Piper Warrior II

We operate a fleet of ten well equipped Warrior's all maintained to Part 141 standards. All renters must be 60 day current to rent a plane solo, enrolled as a student of Global Aviation Center and carry Non-Owners rental insurance.  

$174 per/hr cash/check/quickpay

$179 per/hr credit card

Note: The TAA Trainer N8222D is

$179 per/hr cash/check/quickpay

$184 pr/hr credit card

Warrior III Glass Panel

Having a full Garmin G500 glass cockpit, autopilot, Garmin 430 WAAS and every option that could be packed into a light trainer makes this a great platform for your advanced training requirements. Perfect for the 10 hour commercial requirement or for those interested in experiencing cutting edge modern avionics all while maintaining an economical edge. 

$194 per/hr cash/check/quickpay

$199 per/hr credit card

Piper Archer II

The Piper Archer II's are the perfect choice to fly cross country or to build time. There are two Archers available in our fleet and you must be enrolled as a Global Aviation Student, be current and carry Non-Owners rental insurance to fly these aircraft. 

$184 per/hr cash/check/quickpay

$189 per/hr credit card

Beechcraft Duchess

When you're ready to obtain your multi-engine rating or build time for your next endeavor we have our multi-engine trainer complete with Garmin 530, counter rotating props and retractable gear. You could even earn your complex rating, while flying in multi-engine style. 

$345 per/hr 

Cessna 172M

Global Aviation has two Cessna that students often get checked out in for time building or rental once they earn their pilot license. Both are 160hp and one would require the same minimums in order to rent these aircraft solo. 

$174per/hr cash/check/quickpay

$179 per/hr credit card

Elite Simulators

At Global Aviation your training does not stop when the weather is bad. We have two simulators perfect to keep you proficient flying IFR or to brush up on your G1000 knowledge. We have the PI135 (G430) and the G1000 (glass cockpit) both available for you to work with along with one of our certified flight instructors. 

$85 pr/hr PI135 with Instructor

$99 pr/hr G1000 with Instructor

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